Lacta Fattrici

Complementary feed for pets

Nutritional supplement suitable for feeding breeding dogs during pregnancy and postpartum. Especially during the period of 'lactation, the female is particularly exposed with risk of collapse of hypocalcemia: the elevated content of CALCIUM IN A HIGHLY BIOAVAILABLE FORM found in Lacta Starter Plan Pet offers a valuable nutritional support to prevent these phenomena.

Mares Dog Diet During pregnancy and postpartum to prevent collapse of hypocalcemia
Prodotto adatto a: cani
Età Broodmare

LACTA FATTRICI can be used by mixing it with the traditional food, both wet and dry. After mixing, it’ s important not to to cook the food or else the vitamins would be altered . Administer 1-2 g per kg of animal body weight (1 teaspoon = 4 g; 1 tablespoon = 11 g), by mixing it with the traditional food. It is recommended to follow the dosage regimen:

  • Body weight of 5 kg         1 full teaspoon
  • Body weight of 10 kg       1 tablespoon

Oils and fats high in polyunsaturated fatty acids microencapsulated, minerals, vitamin A, D3, E, C, calcium (all microencapsulated), B12 and folic acid.

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