Restore Breeder

Complementary feed for pets

Set of molecules that in addition to stimulate cell regeneration and slow down the enzymatic degradation of cartilage, plays an anti-inflammatory and anti-edema activity. Nutritional supplement for use in advance in the first year of life in dogs at risk of joints disease. It has a chondroprotective activity in aged animals that show primary osteoarthritis, reducing the elasticity of cartilage and pain, or caused by orthopedic diseases (eg, joint dysplasia, ligament tears).

Anti-inflammatory activity Joint diseases specific supplement, even in advance for puppies at risk.
Prodotto adatto a: cani
Età Puppy Adult Old

Mix Restore Breeder with the traditional food. Please, after mixing, do not cook the food otherwise the nutritive principles would be alterated.

1° Administration: 6 weeks.
Daily administration of 0.50 g/kg body weight up to 30 kg body weight of the subject. Over 44 kg, the maximum daily dose is 22 g.

Maintenance: 0.30 g/kg body weight of the subject.


Kg body weight 1°Administration Maintenance
10 5 g 3 g
20 10 g 6 g
30 15 g 9 g
40 22 g 12 g
50 22 g 15 g








(1 teaspoon = 4g; 1 tablespoon = 11g).



Vegetable oils and fats microencapsulated high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids , yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, cereals and cereal products , microencapsulated fish oil, dairy products,glucosamine ( 8%), chondroitin sulfate (3%), minerals, microencapsulated natural extracts.

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