Complementary feed for pets

It guarantees a high intake of essential fatty acids including CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). It takes advantage of all the physiological effects of CLA, in combination with other polyunsaturated fatty acids in the product, it offers significant benefits to animals of all ages, with a consequent increase of vitality and well-being. If given directly to pups, can affect their growth, taking them out of size.


  • Regulation of the immune system response and growth stimulation.
  • Used in BREEDING DOGS it induces an increase in fertility. If administered on a regular basis before and after birth it leads to an increase in the production of milk, a reinforcement of the immune system and therefore a reduction of stress whom the animal is exposed.
  • The use of CLA during the lactation period allows the passage of its active ingredients directly to the puppies through the milk. In this case there are lower mortality in the litters and more uniform growth.
  • CLA has another interesting use with work dogs in developing a tonic and restorative effect. 
  • It promotes the development of the muscles and thus it protects the heart activity.
  • It improves bone metabolism.
  • Anti-aging effect in aged animals.
"Essential" fatty acids Structural nutritional supplement to be integrated in the diet.
Prodotto adatto a: cani
Età Adult Old Broodmare

Mix Cla with the traditional food. Please, after mixing, don't cook the food, because the principles would be altered.

1° Administration: 2 months.

Daily administration of 0.60 g/kg body weight up to 36 kg body weight of the subject. Over 36 kg, the maximum daily dose is 22 g.

Maintenance: 0.30 g/kg body weight of the subject.


Kg body weight 1°Administration Maintenance
10 6 g 3 g
20 12 g 6 g
30 18 g 9 g
40 22 g 12 g
50 22 g 15 g








(1 teaspoon = 4g; 1 tablespoon = 11g).

Vegetable oils and fats, fish oil high in polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3-6 microencapsulated), wheat flour natural flavorings, antioxidants.

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