Vit C5

Complementary feed for pets

Protected and microencapsulated form of vitamin C. This vitamin participates in the synthesis of collagen, neutralizes free radicals (anti-oxidative stress), controls some anti-infection immune responses, regulates calcium metabolism and inhibits stress reactions. Its administration is important in cases of shortages, in which there is an increased disposition to infections, spontaneous bleeding of the mucous membranes and decreased performance.

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Vitamin C Essential for the formation of collagen, its contribution is basic in the diet.
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Età Puppy Adult Kitten

Mix VIT C5 COATED with traditional food. Please, after mixing, do not cook the food otherwise contained nutritive principles would be alterated.

1° Administration: 6 weeks.

Daily administration of 0.70 g/kg body weight up to 32 kg body weight of the subject. Over 32 kg, the maximum daily dose is 22 g.

Maintenance: 0.30 g/kg body weight of the subject.


Kg body weight 1°Administration Maintenance
10 7 g 3 g
20 14 g 6 g
30 21 g 9 g
40 22 g 12 g
50 22 g 15 g








(1 teaspoon = 4g; 1 tablespoon = 11g).


Minerals, corn starch, oils and fats, flavorings, antioxidants.

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