Evviva  is a  company  made up  of   people  who have  put
in first place the customer listening and the development of  scientific research, to provide safe and functional responses to his needs in harmony with Nature.

For over 20 years  we sell veterinary nutraceuticals around the world and we regularly deal with research projects, thanks to the internal laboratory that offers a unique range of services, quality and competence. In the continuing evolution of the company and the market  opening  to new challenges, we never forget where we came from:  the Earth. From it we learn to discover the secrets for living well through the principles of a balanced nutrition that cures but also prevents!

But Evviva is not only this. It' s a particular way of being, one way of looking at the world, living the relationship with Nature in all its forms, from  the animal to the man, in a communication which is often different from the language, that  follows the order of the feeling: the animal exercises our instinct, the intuition, the emotions and the ability to see through the eyes of the heart not only of reason. "Talk to me: your voice is sometimes more effective than the whip and the reins " this seems to say the intent dare of an horse ...

In the center of Evviva there is  you in  the relationship with your pet, dipped in a larger project that we call " Feed the wellness to live the health " . The case study and the research in the laboratory are the tools we have to stay there close.

Evviva has grown thanks to the confidence that you have given. We have only been able to listen to you!